Friday, January 28, 2005

They've created a monster

Procter & Gamble is buying Gillette thus creating the mother of all consumer-product companies. A NYTime article observes that the move "reflects just how much the balance of power has giant discount retailers, mainly Wal-Mart." Of course. Gotta mention Wal-Mart. But the company "will also have more power in its negotiations with media companies - television, magazines, newspapers and billboards - to buy billions of dollars a year in advertising." That's what we thought. Here's where a Wal-Mart mention would have been appropriate too. Because Gillette agencies and vendors -- even Gillette employees -- can now look forward to new processes and practices that make P&G the Wal-Mart of advertisers. People will gripe and carp, but those folks in Cincinnati know how to make money.

What next? Mach3-branded Duracel batteries in the Mach3Power? A Braun coffeemaker that also dispenses morning shaves? I await the Pantenization of Gillette's best products.


Brian said...

Is this a new blog? It looks like the first post was yesterday. I don't know if I like advertising, but I like it enough to bookmark the blog.

Irene Done said...

Hi Brian -- There's almost 45 days of NotBillable activity to explore. Not all of it's about advertising. That would bore even me. Thanks for reading and good luck with your blog, which I only just found.