Friday, January 21, 2005

FilmFest Flim Flam

Drudge links to two stories about the Sundance Film Festival: one about Redford's political comments at the opening; the other about the festival's efforts to seperate itself from overcommercialization, or at least over-commercialization wrought by unofficial sponsors. Festival organizers are miffed that brands can avoid contributing to the festival coffers yet can still get in on the swag-o-rama that is the real reason the event is so well-attended.

Meanwhile Page Six gives us this festival description: "At the Motorola Lodge, celebs get free phones, Escada dresses, Kiehl's products and Mercedes loaners. On Main Street, Hewlett-Packard is giving out iPods, cameras, computers and printers. Nearby is the Levi's ranch where jeans, Xboxes and Ray-Bans are doled out. Seven jeans, Swarovski crystal and Cake makeup have a celebrity dressing suite at the Goldener Hirsh Inn...."

I'm sorry to say I'm in no position to judge if this is a wise use of marketing dollars. Of course, the sponsors and their agencies would argue that it is -- in between ogling celebs and filling out their expense reports.

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