Friday, January 14, 2005

Jonathan V. Last likes to watch

Jonathan V. Last at Galley Slaves sure loves a good cat fight. Or is that a Kaus fight? Today he celebrates as Kaus takes a jab at the heads of CNN and BMW. Previously Last was seen in the crowd at the Kaus-Sullivan bout. He even commented on the pre-fight weigh-in.

I bring all this up not to castigate Last. After all, I like to watch too. Maybe Last is just winking at his friends' blogs and making a jest out of the low-mindedness of it all, in which case I've been so low-minded as to not get his joke. But blogs have made both the thoughtful exchange of ideas and the catty back-and-forth of snark happen faster and more publicly, thereby informing and entertaining us all. No reason not to enjoy it.

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