Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And now for something completely personal

Here's the thing. Since I started blogging, I've actually become re-energized about what I do for a living. And that's something because I was mighty cynical, a little burned out and somewhat content to be isolated in a little world that spins on the axis of the latest deadline. I've always been a news junkie but blogging has me reading more than ever. Not just about advertising and marketing. So here, until I do a real blogroll, are just a few ad and non-ad sites that keep me info-tained:

Decent Marketing: a bloggress who doesn't "like the way companies fool themselves with marketing speak about creating relationships with people when the truth is most of the time they really don't care as much as they say they do."

Cup of Java: hopped up, link-rich and newsy

Rants on Modern Marketing: a shiny new blog

AdFreak: it's Adweek, gotta read it

Television Without Pity Commercial thread: I dunno, it's just funny to read everyone's opinions

Steeplechaser: a joyful blog devoted to all things Eddie Steeples

Jossip: sorta Gawkerlite

NewEagle: moderate libertarians always have the best blogs

Frontburner: a good, good goody

There's more of course, but whew, are my linking muscles tired.


Brian said...

I'm humbled, Irene. It feels good to be on your list. And thanks to your post, I'll go and explore some of the other blogs you like.

Keep blogging!


Chris Gloede said...

Thanks for the link to my blog Irene. I've just updated the design and added some new features. And, of course, you are #1 on my link list.