Tuesday, March 29, 2005


When I clicked on a headline at the Dallas Morning News site, I got a 3-sentence story that concluded with this statement: "Read more of this story in tomorrow's Dallas Morning New or at DallasNews.com."

I'm at DallasNews.com. Being told to read more at DallasNews.com. Later.

I bring this up because today, a new survey showed that in Dallas -- where Belo owns both the only daily newspaper and the local ABC affiliate, combining the content at DallasNews.com -- the newspaper site is in a serious fight for eyeballs with the NBC affiliate's site.

I dunno. I'm not in the news business. But is it too much to ask that when publishers try to create synergy between their print and online product, that they not waste my time with teasers and re-directs? When I've purchased the paper product, I've chosen that format for a reason (like reading material on the bus or plane). I know you have a site and I don't need to constantly be teased about online-only content. When I'm at your site, reward me for clicking through to a story -- with the info that I've expressed a desire to read, not an ad for tomorrow's edition. That's how you create a good experience for the consumer. Or maybe we all just need a new working definition of synergy.

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