Sunday, March 13, 2005

She was made for a mission

I just watched CNN replay Ashley Smith's press statement about her ordeal with Atlanta killer Brian Nichols. Wow. Watch the whole thing if you can because it's heart-breaking and at the same time life-affirming -- mostly because she is a woman of awesome faith. At one point she even read Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life to Nichols.

So after such a riveting account -- much of it focused on faith -- the CNN anchor and reporter start discussing Smith. And never mention faith. At one point they mention "she thought it was destiny" that she was involved. Actually, I believe what she said was it was God's will and she wanted to do God's will. I'm not saying CNN is anti-religious, but I think their on-air personalities don't feel comfortable even touching on that theme. For whatever reason. Then again, maybe they don't need to. Ashley Scott's statement was a testimony. No embellishment necessary.


Brian said...

I saw the coverage, too. She is amazing. In my humble opinion, CNN is decidedly liberal, and catering to that crowd means toning down religion.

Irene Done said...

I agree. And it's something for which they have no frame of reference. On Sunday night, the CNN anchors had no idea what Ms. Smith was talking about when she referenced The Purpose Driven Life. The NYTimes even had to run an article Tuesday explaining it to their readers. (Sorta like when they had to explain who Dale Earnhardt was when they covered his death at Daytona.) Here's a book that's sold 22 million copies and it's totally unknown to media members. That's what I call being isolated and uninformed.

And I think all the details that are coming out about Ms. Smith only confirm that she is amazing.