Thursday, March 17, 2005

Media, schmedia?

Caffeine Goddess ponders what new media options mean to advertisers and makes the excellent point that crap is crap: "if you're putting out advertising that is at the same boring, uncreative level as the TV advertising which people are turning away from, then what's the point?"

But new media options have potential that the 30-second TV spot can never have. Case in point: Manolo's Shoe Blog. As the Philadelphia Inquirer points out, The Manolo "wraps commerce in entertainment. But he does it so seamlessly that many fans never notice the sales pitch." Blogging is the only media tool that allows for this special blend of artistry, intelligence and selling. It wouldn't work in a magazine ad or on TV. And the thing is, people seek out The Manolo. Unlike traditional advertising, this is a case where if you don't want to be exposed to it, you don't have to be.

So there are unique new opportunities. The good news is they place an even higher premium on great creative.

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Manolo said...

Hello to the Irene!

This comment is one of the most astute about what it is that the Manolo he is doing in his blog. Few of the others have they understood the role of the creativity in this process.

Muchos Besos!


P.S. Your blog, it is indeed super fantastic!