Monday, March 07, 2005

What he said

Via TVNewser, a most interesting article about Fox News. Or at least, an article that contains the most accurate explanation (from Major Garrett) of why I like Fox News: "we can see the herd running in one direction. People start to ask: Why do all these stories sound the same? Then all we have to do is play it straight down the middle."

Yep. He said "middle." That's opposed to the CNN insider who says it's "crap." To each, his own. But as long as that insider keeps thinking it's crap, he'll keep getting pummelled in the ratings.


Chris Gloede said...

Irene, I like your blog and have linked to it on my new marketing blog. Your readers might like reading my posts too. Would you be interested in including me in your links?


Irene Done said...

Thanks! And thanks for pointing me to your blog, which I really enjoy. (I tried to leave a comment, but had some technical difficulties, so I'll try again later.) One thing I've been meaning to do is provide links to my favorite sites, so now I'm motivated to do that soon. When I do, I'll be sure to include you. Good luck with "Rants" -- I'll be reading.