Monday, March 28, 2005

A Cowboys TV timeout

NFL owners have told Jerry Jones to shut down his Cowboys TV channel. Not that a lot of people here will notice. Since the channel debuted last Fall, only 500,000 Comcast-subscribing Dallasites could get it. But Jerry appears to have won a key concession: "teams will get items for local use from the networks." NFL rights was always the barrier to the Cowboys Channel having anything exciting to show anyway. Now, if I understand the AP story right, Jerry can make a very sweet deal for himself by offering (selling) local broadcast or radio stations access to exclusive NFL game film and NFL Channel events like Hall of Fame announcements. Jerry's a genius. Now if he can only find a quarterback.

UPDATE: No one really knows what this news means. From Tuesday's Dallas Morning News: "'potential options include designated windows of exclusive Cowboys programming on the NFL Network and full-time access to video on demand options through Comcast.'" The current channel may not shut down immediately. No one's saying. So there ya go.

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