Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The buzz about buzz

Wired has the story about an upcoming conference devoted to viral marketing. Organizers have "three goals in mind: to propagate ethical guidelines for word-of-mouth marketers, to establish industry measurements and to teach best practices so marketers can learn how to do it."

The most famous case of viral marketing is Burger King's Subservient Chicken. Recently ADWEEK, in a great case study, asked: "aside from Web traffic, did the campaign actually drive customers into stores to buy the sandwich?....the company has seen 'double-digit' growth of awareness of the TenderCrisp Chicken Sandwich and 'significantly increased' chicken sandwich sales." So the client seems pleased. The site is still up and still fun. The lone dissenting voice is, as can be expected, that of a franchisee: '"I'm more of a traditionalist. I like to see the food.'" That guy -- what a buzz kill.

UPDATE: Steeplechaser has more.

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Chris Gloede said...

I have been amazed by the buzz that the dancing chicken created for BK. And for ad agency Crispin Porter. I believe the real story is that BK has kept an agency around long enough to allow them to make some marketing/sales progress (check out the list of agencies by year on the BK web site). I suspect the dancing chicken was a low-risk test before the client had the internal clout or guts to go with the full on Bacon Tendercrisp Cheddar Ranch ads you see on t.v. now. It will be interesting to watch how this agency and client continue to work together. Virally and otherwise.