Sunday, March 06, 2005

The grocery store runway

Procter & Gamble owns a small, boutique-y fashion label headed by a designer who's set to expand to acessories and more. Odd, huh? Smalltown-based P&G has actually been part of the fashion scene for some time as the parent of several fragrance brands and via past sponsorships of NY Fashion Week. Now there's this news: "falloff in celebrity heat has gone a long way to weaken the circulations of the bigger, older teen mags - YM folded late last year....Meanwhile, increased competition has come Teen Vogue...." Fashion is the new celebrity even for very young girls. Does that mean P&G's far-flung interests are in fact perfectly meshed cogs in one huge synergistic selling-machine? The world of fashion is filled with names that can lend instant cache to supermarket shampoos and cosmetics. Unlike the Vidal Sassoon debacle which was $ettled out of court, P&G seems to have figured out how to do it right. These fashion-focused teens can already turn to Phillip Bloch (Jada Pinkett's stylist! Can you believe it!) for advice at When they're in college, Olivier Theyskens might be IMing them with Pantene-related fashion tips. Or somethin'.

Maybe what they say about P&G is true. Maybe they really are evil geniuses.

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