Thursday, July 07, 2005

Don't worry. I'm sure this kind of attitude doesn't affect ratings or anything.

TV Newser is always fascinating. Mostly because it reveals TV news people to be the pettiest, pissiest, most self-absorbed people on the planet. And that's not even including the part where someone refers to his own coverage of the London bombings as "the glory and the thrill."


SuzanH said...

People are so nasty.

Irene Done said...

I almost didn't post this because my own tone is so nasty but it's shocking to read how self-obsessed these people are. The bombings? Well, it's just another opportunity to take swipes at competitors and pump up their own performance. And I think this is one reason TV news is failing -- they just don't think of things from their viewers' perspective. Do I as a viewer care if MSNBC is relying on ITV coverage? Of course not -- it might be better than an NBC bureau guy. Do I care that the anchor has spent 4 hours in front of the camera? Not really, just give me the story. These are not serious professional.

Anyway. What a day. Suzan, I hope you and your family are safe and sound. And I always appreciate it when you drop in and comment.

SuzanH said...


Thanks, I hope you and yours are dealing well.

I'm continuously stunned at how self-involved people/industries can be. Wow--9 hours in front of a camera? That's EXACTLY the same as working a doubleshift on the factory floor so you don't get fired. And I'm also amazed at how much credibility these people have--they don't care what the news is, as long as it's gory enough or sensational enough to give them face time.

Sorry, went off there.

Enjoy your weekend. Be safe.