Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Live from Lincoln Center: "It's very much happiness"

How does Lincoln Center sell tickets to people who don't read the New Yorker? Or, for that matter, speak English? "Founded in 1996 as a celebration of Western and non-Western artistic forms, the Lincoln Center Festival, perhaps more than any other in the city, relies on the enthusiasm of local foreign residents...to fill seats." But reaching this audience takes old-fashioned work. For the staging "of an Indonesian epic, members of the Lincoln Center marketing team - read, interns - approached Indonesian mosques in Long Island City and Indonesian restaurants in Park Slope. It dropped fliers at an Indonesian-owned bank on Wall Street, a South Asian martial arts studio in the Flower District, and even a couple of yoga studios in SoHo."

Naturally this reminded me of Kentucky. Maybe the message here is that selling the arts takes a marketing team as creative and hard-working as the onstage artists.

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