Monday, July 11, 2005

The little idea that couldn't

If you have DirecTV, you've now seen their NFL Sunday Ticket spot 2,387,495 times. You hear the opening notes of the re-worked Willy Wonka musical number and like a bullet to the brainpan, your instinct to live is shattered. Or is it just me?

And you have to ask why. Because, when you think about it, the spot probably seemed funny in the conceptual stage. Forget about the finished product as we know it and imagine how you'd describe the idea at the initial presentation: take an existing song, camp up the lyrics, have it performed by a totally unexpected singer and choreograph the whole thing with plenty of zany background action. Which is also how you'd described the idea behind this spot. So why does the DirectTV commercial blow so very hard and Burger King's doesn't?

Execution, right? DirecTV chose a lackluster tune and an unappealing actor who can't sing. They went with a neighborhood backdrop instead of something fanciful or reminiscent of a 193Os Hollywood soundstage. They wasted the potential of an impressive cast of pro players. And they never, ever pushed the idea to its full zany potential or tried to include a single surprising element -- not even a hint of Vida ass. And that's just sad. It wasn't a big idea, but it wasn't a bad one either. Without inspired execution, it's just another 30 seconds to TiVo through. Hundreds of times a day.

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