Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Job news, part 2

Women who take time off to have children have trouble re-entering the workforce. Hardly news. But this kind of thinking might be: "staffing strategy for superior talent could possibly come from an ilk of lost stars—women and men (primarily women) who had given up their promising careers to become stay-at-home moms...the creation of an agency environment that uses these mothers in a part-time fashion while giving them benefits that would truly help them at home and make their lives easier would create a staff of highly motivated, talented, and eager-to-be-stimulated people."

The Mommy Agency? Well, if the business doesn't work out, you could always pitch it as a movie idea. "9 to 5" meets "Look Who's Talking." A Holly Hunter vehicle.

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SuzanH said...

Really? People are finding it difficult--oh, hell, I can't even joke about it, it's so unbelievably frustrating.