Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The view from my banana seat

I know only 2 things about the Tour de France: first, Lance Armstrong has won it for, like, 184 straight years and second, today is a very good sign he might win again.

Which brings up a question: what do you think of Armstrong's new Nike 10//2 TV spot? Some have had their doubts about so plainly focusing on Armstrong's cancer but I find the ad well-done, restrained and profoundly moving. And it's Lance's story, right? He can use it to inspire others. He can laugh at it in Dodgeball. He can talk about it in a TV commercial. And he can use it to persuade a corporation like Nike to help cancer patients. Whether we approve or not seems beside the point.

Finally, let us feel just a tad sorry for the Tour. This is Lance's last appearance in the race and when he retires, no one on this side of the Atlantic may ever think of the event again.

Get 'em Lance.


American Copywriter said...

To me, the spot is, in the end, about hope. No, beating cancer is not as simple as "just doing it." But positive thinking is damn good medicine. I've had more than one person in my life fight the Big C. A message of hope was always welcome.Good post, Irene.

Irene Done said...

Hope -- that's it. You've hit on it exactly. Well said.