Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Must love ads

Important movements in history often begin as a lone voice in the wilderness. Just so with AdAge's bold new stand against product placement. They start by revealing that the movie Must Love Dogs may in fact be one artfully created infomercial: "The script, originally written with a generic online dating service, now includes numerous mentions and placements for PerfectMatch.com....PerfectMatch.com has three placements in the movie trailer alone."

Then Rance Cain shocks us all by explaining "Why Product Placement Does Not Equal Brand Building." Bad news if you were in on the Herbie deal. Good news if this prediction comes true: "it won’t be long before movie companies will let people into theaters free to drive DVD sales."


American Copywriter said...

Fans of Hee Haw sing with me:

Where oh where has our Irene gone? Why has she left us here all alone? Is it advertising or vacation or was she run over? She's not a bloggin' and that's just wrong...

Irene Done said...

I was abducted by aliens. They came in peace, searching only for Grandpa Jones' glasses and thorough, actionable, well-written creative briefs. Unable to help them, I was dumped in the parking lot of a Westerville, Ohio shopping mall. Then things got weird.