Monday, July 11, 2005

A million here, a million there

Reagan Greer is a man for our times. He shuns both truthful advertising and humble resignation announcements. But not everyone can appreciate his special brand of genius. After promoting false jackpot amounts not once but four times, Greer, the Texas Lottery director, has been forced to resign. "In a prepared statement released Friday, Mr. Greer noted that the lottery contributes $1 billion annually to schools.... But he came under fire in recent weeks...for his staff's decision to advertise the Lotto Texas jackpot at $8 million – even though ticket sales would support a jackpot of only about $6.5 million."

And congratulations to the government oversight committees, investigative journalists and law enforcement officials who courageously stood down while a solitary blogger checked Greer's math and called for punishment. Well played.


SuzanH said...

Good on Ms. Nettles!

And hey, I'm looking for a job! I don't even lie.

Irene Done said...

SuzanH, come on down!