Friday, July 22, 2005

The strange appeal of Jared Fogle

From the department of "and the horse you rode in on:" Subway fired their agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and, possibly, the marketing director who chose them. But here's the shocker. "Subway executives have said when ads featuring Mr. Fogle stop running, sales dropped as much as 10%." Is that believable? Goodby had tried to jettison Jared but they should have known better. You can't fight a guy whose popularity may be based on an enormous porn collection.


suzanh said...

I'm so repulsed. The funny thing is, I just read a book, can't remember the title, where the main male character was named Jared, and I could not stop picturing the Subway guy. I'm glad I didn't know all that alleged stuff before, because it was already disturbing enough.

Irene Done said...

I almost hope the phlegm and porn stories are true, if only to make Jared interesting somehow. I see both sides of this situation -- for an agency, Jared is dull and one-dimensional. Would anyone recognize this guy if he didn't have his old fat jeans to hold up? How much can you do with him? But he's also just the kind of unremarkable and non-controversial spokesman that franchisees love. LOVE. Next to Jared, the food looks exciting and colorful. And if franchisees have numbers to back their case for Jared, then he'll be around a long time. And be able to buy lots of porn.