Tuesday, July 05, 2005


P. Diddy may redesign the McDonalds uniform and rappers get all the good endorsement deals. Including shoe contracts that used to go to athletes. Why? Athletes get in trouble. And while we're appalled that Kobe might cheat on his wife, we expect it -- and worse -- from music stars. At least, that's according to famed marketer 50 Cent, "ex-drug dealer turned rap mogul who survived nine bullet wounds from a shooting in 2000."

If it's true that ''kids in their teens and 20s don't make a delineation between sports and entertainment,'" how do they feel about porn? It must be part of the mix since Playboy is updating their uniform too. Can't wait to see that.


SuzanH said...

Either I'm really old, or this is wrong on so many, many, many levels.

I'm betting it's just wrong.

Irene Done said...

For middle-aged managers of brands who have to reach young consumers, this may be all they can think of. "Quick! Get me a rapper!" But I do think the next logical step is endorsement deals with porn stars. Hold on. What am I talking about? It's already happening thanks to Carl's Jr.

So yeah, can we all just fast-forward to the reactionary trend where hard work, virtue and modesty lead to shoe deals?