Monday, May 30, 2005

Business mags go belly up

No one's reading business magazines anymore. So of course no one's advertising in them. Instead, investment services, telecoms and others are buying ads online "where many of their potential customers live....a Forbes executive said the digital version of the storied brand will produce more revenue than the print version within the next two years." While the NYTimes article seems to indicate that readers just aren't hungry for business news, you have to ask: is it the content or the print format that is failing to engage people? After all, business shows on cable are doing well and when it comes to personal finance advice, "there's a growing market for this kind of information" on TV and radio.

One thing is certain. The future looks brutal for Fast Company. "Fast Company, always more of an idea than an actual magazine, is probably gone for good" -- something surely hinted at in this letter from the Editor posted on the FCNow blog.

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