Friday, May 27, 2005

Let's compare paychecks

Rupert Murdoch made $17 million last year and I'm inclined to think he's underpaid. After all, a so-so shortstop for the Yankees can make $25 million. Tom Cruise is paid $25 million per movie -- plus points! -- even though his acting skills are so iffy, no one's buying that whole Katie Holmes thing. Other CEOs pull in 7 figures just for retiring. So in light of the enviable cable ratings and a sweeps win that included dominating the final night, I'd say Murdoch is a modern-day rarity: an executive who is actually worth his compensation.


SuzanH said...

Much as I think of him as the antichrist, you may have a point.

Robert Steers said...

If he does indeed only get paid that much, then that is surprising!

I have a feeling it might have been more like;

"I only made $17m Mr Tax Man."