Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'm honored. I'm horrified. I'm honorrified.

NotBillable has been nominated for a MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog Award. I know: I can't explain it either. And when you see who else is nominated, it's clear that I'm the Scott Savol in this Bo-Vonzell-Carrie line-up.

There are 9 categories with links to lots of great blogs. Check 'em all out. I'll stay here and give thanks that even if I lose, no one will send me back to Cleveland.


caff said...

congrats and good luck! I was surprised being nominated too!

Krishnan Menon said...

Just started reading your blog -- its entertaining. Congratulations on the nomination, sounds like a fun deal. I'm a relatively new blogger in the same field, at Do stop by sometime!

Irene Done said...

Thanks to both of you for your very kind words. The real fun is finding blogs as good as and It really is energizing -- making me realize why I got into the whole ad business to begin with.