Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dallas announces special wealth-redistribution plan

If someone steals your stuff in Dallas, the police may or may not respond when you call. From today's DMN: "Police officials hope that by not sending officers to investigate some noncritical thefts and lost-property reports they can lower response times for more life-threatening calls....people would report such incidents at the police station, by phone or, in the future, via the Internet." The article never says so outright but the message is clear. If the police can't make it out to the scene of a crime when it's reported, they have no intention of actually investigating the crime. Ever. Oh, it'll be duly noted and thank you very much for coming down to the station. But the truth has just been announced to criminals: help yourself because no one's ever going to go to jail for stealing in Dallas.


Suzan Hyssen said...
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SuzanH said...

I'm moving to Dallas.