Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Like Teresa Brewer, all we want is music, music, music

A few months ago, I wanted to post something about the Samsonite Spinners TV spot. I was mesmerized by its Sergio Mendes-like music and circa-1971 movie look (you know -- those movies that were always about heiresses who wear really sheer, form-fitting blouses and have doomed affairs with Italian Formula One racecar drivers -- you know) but I couldn't find any info on it. Today I crawled out from under my rock and noticed that Slate featured something on Samsonite last month, complete with details about the music (it's original) and the color of the luggage (red, to appeal to women). Reading about that spot just makes me want to watch it over and over. And over. It's the samba-est!

Samsonite's musical choice is especially brilliant considering there are times when a commercial can nearly kill a song. (Warning: anecdote-y, non-substantiated evidence to follow). DJs who work receptions now say that the song appearing most on their Do Not Play lists is "You Look Wonderful Tonight" -- a song that had been a perennial favorite at weddings. Why? Because SBC Yahoo!'s media buy in some markets is just running the hell out of a single Eric Clapton TV spot. So, for most people, the song can no longer have a personal meaning. It's as soul-stirring as "uh-oh Spaghetti-ohs."

And because I do live under a rock -- one that is tucked away in a cave that itself is tucked away on a deserted island -- I never know what music is used in which commercials. Thank goodness for Adtunes.

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