Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wherein I presume to advise Lord & Taylor

While Conde Nast spends millions on a campaign to convince marketers that people really do engage with print advertising, its employees go and undermine the whole damn thing. From today's Page Six: "Lord & Taylor department store chain recently sent the publishing empire cases of coupons...which were supposed to be inserted in magazines. While the boxes have been declared missing by Condé Nast, employees of the publishing house have shown up at the Fifth Avenue flagship store to use fistfuls of the coupons on major purchases. An insider said, 'And there's nothing Lord & Taylor can do.'"

Actually there's quite a lot Lord & Taylor can do. The leak to The Post was a start. Also consider a threat to re-evaluate some media buys. Then have a close look to see how those PID numbers match up with the purchaser info (you did use PID numbers, right?) and reveal suspicious purchasers to Conde Nast. Because in an age when magazines are fighting to stay alive, any employee who cheats a faithful advertiser should be shitcanned.

And yes, I said "shitcanned!"

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