Monday, June 20, 2005

Fame leads to cooler shoes, better stem-cells

Proving that columns are just excuses to do things normal people can't, CNN's Gordon Anderson visits the Nike iD store. Never been there? That's the point: "you shop by appointment only, and must be invited to make that appointment....a bouncer is there to shoo away the inquisitive. If you're not a celebrity, the only way to get behind those well-guarded doors is to win a lottery." Anderson claims to be writing about mass customization but in fact he's describing how a marketer creates value by keeping the masses away. Only Anderson doesn't seem to realize it.

But maybe the real mark of celebrity is getting admitted to a European stem-cell clinic. "Roy Horn has entered a clinic in Germany noted for stem cell research....the clientele list includes royal families and international celebrities." That would explain a lot.


suzanh said...

Never understood the fascination with Mick Jagger.

Also, I'm going to limit the people who are allowed to view my blog--it'll be invitation only from now on.

Irene Done said...

Genius! Don't forget you'll need a muscle-bound blog bouncer to make sure none of the riff-raff gets past the virtual velvet rope. That, evidently, is vital.