Friday, June 10, 2005

Nielsen = Emily Litella

Is Nielsen making it up as they go along? When the ratings researcher introduced their Local People Meters, the first results sent advertisers into full Defcon 1 panic. Young men weren't watching TV! Minorities weren't being counted! But now? With more LPMs in more markets, Nielsen changes their mind and claims everyone is watching more TV. Maybe so. Maybe TV programming got better all of a sudden. Maybe I really am a panty princess.


SuzanH said...

Yeah! You did it! My check is in the mail!

We've been a Neilsen family twice (I'd link to my blog entry on that, but I don't know how).

Having done it, I think it's a load of hooey. We seldom watch t.v. and we were picked TWICE? Really?

Irene Done said...

Wow. You might be the only person I've ever known who's been a Neilsen family. I was beginning to think (and wish) the whole thing was a practical joke that had gotten horribly out of hand. Of course, it still could be.

Anonymous said...

We were a Nielson family once. The only person to watch TV in the house was my three year old daughter. One show day for three days that week. I considered adding my dog to the viewer list since she was in the room when the tv was on. I wanted them to get their money's worth.