Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's kinda like Mariah Carey and JLo, only with computers

Not since Boba Fett costumes became easy to make at home has there been so much excitement in Silicon Valley. One chipmaker is suing another. And it could get fun. There are heated denials. Accusations of bribes. And the curious fact that AMD is using the suit to launch an ad campaign. Now that's imaginative.


suzanh said...

O.k., I got tired from just reading the first few steps of the visor part of the Bobba Fett costume.

I'm really re-examining how weird I think I am.

Irene Done said...

I sympathize. My favorite part? After recommending #400 grit sandpaper and urging us to use only screen printing inks -- not spray paint! -- we're told: "Try your best to weather the helmet according to reference-Fett fans know where the scars are." Right. So if you've read this far and you don't know scar locations, you're, like, such a poseur.

SuzanH said...

How do you NOT know where the Fett scars are? That's total kindergarten stuff.

And do you think that prototype #134 got nixed because he used spray paint instead? Or heavier grit sand paper? Oh, you know it did.

Irene Done said...

Evidently creating a Boba Fett costume, like little Boba's own life, involves much heartache.