Monday, June 13, 2005

Oh, eff the Effies

In a move that may throw her future as a public speaker straight down the toilet, Cheryl Berman used her keynote address at the Effies ad awards to criticize colleagues. Really well-known colleagues. The "Leo Burnett USA chairman and chief creative officer, kicked off last week’s Effies Award ceremony with...a complaint that the industry’s prominent creative figures -- TBWA/Chiat/Day's chairman and chief creative officer, Lee Clow, among them -- did not support the awards show" because its focus is on results instead of creative excellence. Berman claims she's trying to boost the Effies' creative quality. To prove it, she tosses out another insult, this time at the judges panel: "'Some of the work that it rewards is not very good.'" Maybe Berman should keep talkin'. Rate she's going, she just might humiliate the Effies right out of existence.


SuzanH said...

Now that's Klassy with a K!

American Copywriter said...

In the end, though, the Effies have a chance to become the only award show that really means something. If, and we do mean if, they can pull themselves around to rewarding effective work that is also brilliantly executed. Love your blog.