Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why oh why?

If you write an article about the growth of online ads, you may need to gloss it up with talk of broadband connections and audience fragmentation. I get that. But why wouldn't you -- ever, at any point -- mention that marketers embrace online advertising because unlike television, newspapers or radio, it's measurable? Seems like that might be important.


Anonymous said...

...only important if you understand that fact - most senior marketing managers that I have come across are so wed to the idea of traditional media that they still believe that TV advertising is measurable and online is just for geeks.
I beleive that we will have to wait until the 'next generation' of marketers (those that have grown up with the web) become the senior managers until we see the real potential of online marketing exploited.

Irene Done said...

Good points. I just hope real change can come about sooner than the next generation of marketers.