Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A hard check

Help me out with this. ESPN has opted not to pick up NHL games for a third year. More accurately, they're opting not to continue paying $60 million in rights fees. But the NHL won't back off its price. According to one league official, "'We have no interest in further devaluing the product.'" Since this is a sport that just cancelled one season due to a strike and can't guarantee a labor settlement before the next, what product is he talking about?


SuzanH said...

I grew up watching hockey (spent a lot of time in Canada and lived in SE Michigan), and I can't believe what a load of crap it has turned into. So very frustrating.

Irene Done said...

Load of crap is exactly right.

Tino Buntic said...

I'll still see Sundin on CBC!

Tino Buntic