Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pro and Cannes

AdAge has the best awards coverage. Just two quick thoughts:

1) Interesting that Oprah's Pontiac giveway won a Media Lion. Did the judges miss the part where audience members discovered their cars would be taxed as income?

2) Best feel-good story: "P&G picked up its Grand Prix for the launch of Biomat laundry detergent in Israel, aided by two insights...15% of Israel's population are conservative Jews who don’t watch TV, and everyone loves a mitzvah, or good deed. Armed with those insights, MediaCom, part of WPP Group, planned a newspaper, magazine and outdoor campaign encouraging people to donate old clothes, which were washed using Biomat in mobile washing machines taken around local communities on the back of trucks....Biomat grabbed a 40% market share in Israel."

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Anonymous said...

You pay tax and will be issued a 1099 form on every win over 599.00. Everyone in contesting knows that.